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In honor of the singular and unique Bob Dylan,
BobFest musicians follow Dylan's lead to make the music their own.
Bobfest features original arrangements with creative twists, complex harmonies and multiple instrumentation that gives each song its own discrete identity.

And you can dance to it.


BOB MARKEL Let's take a moment with our producer, Bob Markel. Bob could rightly call himself a local impresario after the many productions of all-Dylan songs he produced and promoted, renting the halls and herding "cats" called musicians. He seems to know the Dylan canon well, assigning songs according to what he knows about the various singers and musicians. His calming and insightful approach brings musicians to the stage, people to their seats, and a song in every heart.
JOHN ALLAIR KEYBOARDS. A veteran of over 50 years on the Bay Area music scene, Allair first led rock 'n roll and R&B bands in Marin County starting in the mid-50's. Allair spent most of the 80's as a member of Van Morrison's touring and recording band. Van still calls on Allair; appearing on the 2002 release DOWN THE ROAD, and appearing on a cut produced by Morrison on John Lee Hooker's 1997 Grammy winning DON’T LOOK BACK.
STEVEN BATES GUITAR AND VOCALS. Steven grew up in Mendocino County and his music runs the gamut from apocalyptic rockers and psychedelic jams to heart-felt ballads. Fans love to party to the searing lyrics and scorching guitar. His songs give people of all ages a reason to get up and dance. Bates leaves audiences exhilarated, inspired and howling for more. See more about him at www.stevenbatesmusic.com/
BILL BOTTRELL GUITAR & VOCALS. Bill Bottrell lives in Albion, writing, playing & producing his & other’s work. A man with a shifting medley of interests & a kaleidoscope of experience, Bill came to the coast by way of Southern California.
MARTHA BOUQUIN VOCALS, HARMONICA. Martha Bouquin is a blues harmonica player, singer, songwriter, performer & recording artist. She’s played with coastal bands ~The Gatecrashers, Marinade, The Bettys, and enjoys sitting-in with friends. She was born in New York, but enjoyed her life on the Mendo Coast for 20 years. She's returned to New York where she is playing with Falling Rock, Blue Buffalo, The Buddy Hinds Experience and others. Martha has accepted our invitations to come back for our BobFest shows and we’re thrilled to have her talent.
LAWRENCE BULLOCK VOCALS & STRINGS. Lawrence Bullock is an actor, director, playwright, musician, poet, & certified hypnotherapist. He’s recently started building ukuleles, an instrument he’s enjoyed playing since college. Lawrence has lived on the Mendocino coast for about thirty years. Life here has permitted him to follow his dreams, doing the things he loves. He has self-produced & recorded more than ten CDs of words & music. His plays are produced in Ireland, Los Angeles, New York & other far-flung places.
BOB DALEY VOCALS, STRINGS. Bob Daley is known as a "player's player", singer and songwriter, with his easygoing nature, subtle humor and stirring music. At Bobfest he offers his unique interpretations of familiar Dylan songs. In the accompaniment of his skilled guitar playing, Bob Daley’s talent is image-filled poetry that dance to an internal heartfelt rhythm. He has recorded with Grammy Award Artist Yusef Lateef, Alex DeGrassi, and Mike Marshall, among others. We are thrilled to welcome Bob to our stage!
PHIL DUNN DRUMMER, VOCALS. Philip Dunn is a fixture of the Mendocino coast music scene. He's a multi-faceted musician. A singer, songwriter, percussionist, recording and sound engineer. He owns 12Thirty Studios in Fort Bragg, California. Situated in a vintage radio station north of town, the studio has a classic feel that echoes the heyday of RnR radio. Phil is currently playing with several bands in Northern California. Check out Philip Dunn's Facebook page for more about him and his work.
JON FAUROT BASS, VOCALS. Jon Faurot grew up in South Bend, Indiana and spent his school years playing the Chicago, Detroit, Nashville triangle, opening for many of the great bands from those areas, such as The Buckingham’s, The Cryin’ Shames, Mitch Rider, Alice Cooper, Brownsville Station and Tommy James. At nineteen, he moved to London, England and played bass with British rock star Rory Ghallagher, also spending time around the European folk and coffee house scene. Eventually making his way to California where he worked in both the San Francisco and Los Angeles arena’s, as a session player/singer, bass player for hire and performing with his own bands, either playing with, or opening for B.B. King, Gene Clark, John Mayall, Greg Allman, Ramblin’ Jack Elliot and Roger McGuinn. We are so glad to have Jon's bass providing the backbone for BobFest. See Jon's Facebook page - Jon Faurot
RICHARD FIENBOP GUITAR & VOCALS. Richard was born in London & left England at the ripe old age of 20, then headed east on the Istanbul Express. He found himself in Mendocino a year & a half later. He has always loved the guitar & played with different bands he put together in the rich 80’s coastal music scene. His bands always played high-energy music. These days he plays the occasional Mendocino Music & Stories series with the “B Team”, more acoustic though still rockin. There is a rich & diverse pool of great musicians here on the coast & he has played with most of them over the years. Richard played last year’s BobFest & is looking forward to putting his twist on some of that great material again.
SHEILA FETZER GUITAR & VOCALS. Sheila grew up in Mendocino County. She picked up her first guitar at age nine. At fifteen, she began playing seriously and hasn’t put it down since. Inspired by Joni Mitchell, Dylan, Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young, she continues to write songs with a purposeful awareness of how life goes. Sheila first heard Dylan at 12 or 13 when ‘Mr. Tambourine Man’ was playing on the radio. She didn’t get deeply into his music until she was 23. She found his music inspiring, but the verbose lyrics to be a performance challenge. Sheila is also a visual artist that paints with mixed media. She confesses her art studio has been playing a secondary role to her living room recording studio these days. Sheila says, “I'm grateful for the music in my life, it’s a gift that I'm happy to share. Thank you BobFest and all those that create venues and canvases for song!”
Jamie Gilliam grew up with guitars & guitar players. He is the third generation Gilliam to dedicate his life to music & the guitar. He got his first guitar at age 4. After that, all he wanted to do was play. His dad was on the road playing music all the time when Jamie was growing up. Jamie’s bond with his dad was through music. Jamie went to see him at the Grand Ole Opry when he was nine. That’s when he knew what he wanted to
MARCUS McCALLEN GUITAR & VOCALS. Marcus McCallen has been an integral part of the Northern California music scene for over twenty years. A versatile, soulful singer – an accomplished guitarist, he has shared the stage with Van Morrison, Jessie Colin Young, Chris Isaak, Jerry Jeff Walker, & many, many others. His recording projects have included sessions at Neil Young’s Broken Arrow Ranch. He also collaborated with Gene Clark, of the Byrds, Bob Johnson - Bob Dylan’s producer & Columbia recording artist, Pamela Poland. To learn more about Marcus, visit his website - http://www.marcusmccallen.com/
JAMIE PETERS VOCALS & PERCUSSION. “I’m just a singer in a rock ‘n roll band,” says Jamie. She moved to the Mendocino coast nearly 8 years ago and within a year, was singing with The Gatecrashers, a fun, laid back group of great musicians! Jamie Peters is the newest member of The Gatecrashers with only 7 years in the group. She is also an Account Executive with KOZT, helping those she serves get the most from their radio advertising. Growing up in the bay area, she was influenced by Chrissie Hynde, Pat Benatar and Aretha Franklin. She’s quick to say, “I also enjoy bands such as Foo Fighters, Credence Clearwater Revival, even AC DC!” Jamie definitely has a wide range of influence.
LEE RIDER VOCALS & PERCUSSION. Lee has been involved in music from a very early age and has played in various bluegrass, country, folk, rock and blues bands since high school in California and Washington states. He plays dobro, pedal steel, lap steel as well as acoustic and electric guitars and can play some mandolin and banjo in a pinch. He currently dobro and guitar with the progressive Mendocino Coast bluegrass band Lafe Crick and pedal/lap steel with the Americana band Ten Mile River.
DR. BILLY SCHIEVE KEYBOARDS & VOCALS. Born on the North Side of Chicago, Billy Schieve began playing music at age 7. By 16, Billy was playing in Rock n Roll & Blues bands. He worked in the clubs & nightlife of Chicago’s western suburbs - sometimes stretching his age a bit when asked. After medical school in the south bay area, now Dr. Billy, moved to the coast in the late 80’s. Since then he has been an integral part of our local music & entertainment scene. He has played with many local trios, groups, bands & big bands. His current handiwork is Soul Survivors, the sound of Motown, R&B, Soul, with Stax & Atlantic Records.
SUE SISK GUITAR & VOCALS. Born in Chicago, Sue migrated to San Francisco in 1971 and began singing Rock n Roll & Blues. Then Gospel music came along when she met Bobby Kent from Glide Memorial and was asked to sing on his CD. After moving to Mendocino County, she studied guitar and & writing her own music and produced a CD of her original tunes entitled Round Trip Ticket. Sue works as an RN in Ft. Bragg’s Coast District Hospital Cardiology Department. She loves living, working, & most of all, playing music in this wonderful seaside community.
SALLY WELLS VOCALS. Sally shares her passion for a joyful and peaceful lifestyle through spiritual and musical entertainment. Sally has recorded c.d.'s with Grammy award winning producers Bill Botrell and Andre Johnson, and Peter Temple. She has been on stages from L.A. to N.Y.C. in music, theater, television, and film and performs locally regularly. Presently Sally is teaching classes of metaphysics and Science of Mind, taijiquan and qigong, voice and ENJOYS performING here on the Mendocino Coast.